Web Design & SEO for Medford, Oregon

Is your website looking outdated?

We provide a modern web design that looks great on all screen sizes. We will redesign your website to align with the latest best practices and industry trends. Leave the 90’s behind and get with the times!

Are customers calling you confused about the services you provide?

People today have attention spans like goldfish. Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but take a look around! Everyone is in a hurry, which is why websites need to be simple to use and easy to understand.

Make your website stand out against your competition with a clean design.

We learn about your business in order to custom tailor your website. Then we redesign your website with modern style and ease of use.

A Few Clients From the Rogue Valley

Web design for Northwest Autohuas mechanic in Medford, Oregon
Northwest Autohaus in Medford, Oregon
Web design for juice bar and restaurant in downtown Ashland, Oregon.
NW raw juice bar in Ashland, Oregon
Web design for boba shop in downtown Ashland, Oregon.
Matcha Boba House in Ashland, Oregon

“If you are looking for a new website or just a new look, Svaren Web Studio is the only place you want building your site. Easy to work with, very clear explanation on how the whole process works from start to finish. Great and up front pricing. If you don’t have a website or if yours looks like it was built in 1995, get out of the myspace days and call Svaren Web Studio for a clean custom built website.”

Chris Bloxsom – Owner of NW Autohaus in Medford, Oregon

Included in Every Site

User Friendly

Your customers should be able to find the answers to their problems without even trying. We work to make your site intuitive for all users.

Mobile First

With a majority of web traffic coming from phones, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial to keeping your customers attention.

Blazing Fast

A fast website is critical to keep both your customers and Google happy. We’ll make your site load in less than 2 seconds & pass Core Web Vitals.

What Are Your Customers Searching?

Keyword Research

Using real-world data, we take the time to work with you and figure out what your potential customers are searching in google. We use only the best SEO tools to increase your rankings.

Quality Content

Your website should be a resource for all things that your business does. We layout your site in a way that allows new customers to quickly find that you have their solution.

Bot Friendly

We build your website to be easily indexed by Google. This means checking all of the boxes that are behind the scenes. Meta tags, optimized titles, and keywords are just the beginning.

After Launch Care


As technology continues to upgrade, we keep your website secure and updated. This keeps your customers happy and gives you peace of mind.


We offer training with custom video walkthroughs from your website. This allows you or a team member to take over content creation.


You don’t have to worry about those “oh crap” moments anymore. We are just a call or email away so you can focus on your customers.

Let’s Bring Your Website to Life!