Squarespace VS Square Online (VERY DIFFERENT SERVICES)

by Jeremiah Svaren | Last Updated: January 30, 2022 •  4 min read

You may be wondering if Square and Squarespace are the same company or maybe you are thinking that Squarespace is owned by Square. But the truth is that Squarespace and Square (now called Block Inc) are two separate companies and always have been.

So now you might be thinking, “OK that’s great that Squarespace and Square are different companies, but which platform should I use to build my website?”

Never fear!

In this article, you’ll learn the key differences between Squarespace and Square Online. Along with some suggestions for different businesses based on our client work. By the end of this article, you should have a good understanding of Squarespace VS. Square Online.

Both Squarespace and Square Online offer a great website-building platform, both of which have an easy-to-use eCommerce functionality.

This can be a major point of confusion due to the names along with how they can be used together (more on that later).

Let’s first get our definitions for both of these website building tools so that we can move on to the MAJOR & minor differences so that you can decide which platform is best for your business!


Squarespace is a website building and hosting company based in New York City. With a focus on clean pre-built templates with a drag-and-drop interface. Also has many additional features including eCommerce, membership areas, scheduling, and more being added frequently.

Square Online

Square Online is an eCommerce website builder service that Block Inc (previously known as Square Inc) offers at a competitive price. This builder is built on top of Weebly which Square Inc purchased in 2018. Square Online is mainly targeted at restaurants but can be used for other businesses.

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If you would rather watch us explain the differences between the two, and see some examples of both then check out the video below. Otherwise, keep on reading!

Squarespace VS Square Online 2021 eCommerce Website Builders Review

Major Pros For Squarespace

Major Pros For Square Online

Who should use Squarespace?

Squarespace is a great website builder for a variety of businesses. Here are a few that are a good fit for the modern platform.

Who should use Square Online

Square Online is designed and targeted towards restaurants primarily. So if you serve food and want to offer pickup, delivery, and self serve ordering, then you’ll want to try out Square Online!

We use both!

Squarespace and Square Online are just two of the many tools that we use for our clients to create a great user experience. Both have different strengths and weaknesses, which leads to them being great complementary tools for some of our clients.

We still use WordPress for clients that have a large amount of content and looking to rank higher in Google for competitive keywords. Whereas Shopify for clients that have a large variety of products to be shipped.

How to use both

For some clients, we design their main website on Squarespace, and then we put their online ordering on a subdomain with Square Online. This allows us to utilize the best of Squarespace‘s design practices, along with the functionality that Square Online offers for restaurants! See an example of both Squarespace and Square Online working together.

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We recommend Squarespace for most, but if you require Online Ordering that is going to be picked up or delivered (in-house or 3rd party) then you will certainly want to build your shop/online ordering page on Square Online!

If you would like help with your website, book a free 20-minute session to see if we can help you!

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