Squarespace to WordPress Migration Service

If you’re a blogger who’s running your site on Squarespace, you might be thinking about migrating to WordPress. After all, WordPress is a blazing-fast platform that can improve your Core Web Vitals (if you set up WordPress correctly). Plus, there are tons of great plugins and flexibility available for WordPress, which gives you much more control to scale your blog.

Squarespace is a Great Starting Point

Overall, Squarespace is a great platform to start blogging. They make it easy to focus on writing quality content without getting bogged down by the technical details. Heck Squarespace makes it simple to focus on the most important part, the content on the site. Writing articles is the #1 requirement for growing a blog, and Squarespace helps bloggers build the habit of consistent blogging.

But WordPress Takes Things to the Next Level

I’ve found that once a blogger has grown their traffic and wants to turn their blog into a business, WordPress provides more options and flexibility.

A majority of large businesses that are based on blogs (think affiliate sites, authority sites, content sites, and the like) all run on WordPress. The reason is pretty simple, It’s time-tested and you have 100% control over the platform. Unlike Squarespace where all the backend code is proprietary and hidden from our eyes, WordPress is fully open source and anyone can build something awesome with the codebase.

Why Migrate from Squarespace to WordPress?

There are several reasons why you might want to migrate your Squarespace site to WordPress. Here are just a few:

  1. WordPress is more SEO-friendly
  2. You have total control over your site with WordPress
  3. There are numerous plugins available to extend the capabilities of your site
  4. WordPress gives you more functionality with custom code snippets
Squarespace to WordPress Migration Service

But migrating your blog from Squarespace to WordPress can be a daunting task.

After all, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and effort into building your Squarespace site. Not to mention if you are getting some decent organic traffic from Google, you need to do a proper SEO-safe migration. Many bloggers make the mistake of just exporting and importing content, only to find that Google is confused and their traffic tanks. Yikes!

That’s where I come in. I’ve become a bit of a Squarespace to WordPress migration trail guide, and I’ll make sure that your migration is smooth and seamless. Forget about the headache of setting up WordPress and migrating content, I’ll take care of you with my white-glove, done-for-you service. Plus, I’ll even help you get comfortable with WordPress in my on-demand training videos.

Why My Squarespace to WordPress Migration Service is the Best

I know, bold claim!

There are plenty of providers out there that offer Squarespace to WordPress migration services. So, why do I think my migration service is the best?

  • I use a proven WordPress stack of technology for large blogs
  • I focus on improving your organic Google rankings first & foremost
  • I offer on-demand training for you to get comfortable with your site on WordPress
  • I will improve your website design to capture more leads and conversions
  • I provide in-depth strategy sessions to help you make the most of your new platform

In short, when you use my Squarespace to WordPress service, you can rest assured knowing that your migration will be more than just a copy-paste, instead, your migration will help grow your business!

If you’re interested in learning more about my Squarespace to WordPress migration service, schedule a Free 20-minute Strategy Session where we can determine if you’re Squarespace blog is a good fit for migrating to WordPress!


Will moving to WordPress fix all my problems?

No, but it will give you a lot more control over your blog and allow you to scale your traffic without hitting any Squarespace limits. If one of your problems is passing Core Web Vitals, then yes!
I wish that moving to WordPress was a silver bullet solution, but the truth is, nothing will fix all ever your problems! However, I will tell you that all my clients that make the move to WordPress wish they would have moved sooner.

How long does the migration process take?

The average project takes about 4 weeks from start to finish. But it depends on your site’s size and how complex it is. Book a Free 20-minute Strategy Session and we can discuss the specifics of your site!
I should note that as of writing this, I’m booked out until January 2023, so lock in your migration before the calendar fills up!

How much does it cost to migrate my Squarespace blog to WordPress?

Pricing starts at $4,997 and can go up beyond $10,000 depending on the complexity of your Squarespace site.

Can I do this on my own?

Most certainly! If you have the time and patience to do your migration yourself, I do have a course called Graduate Squarespace that walks you through every step of the way! This is a great option if you are short of cash but have lots of time!
Otherwise, if you are short on time and hate getting bogged down in technical details, then you’ll probably like our white-glove service!

What about my Google Rankings?

The biggest mistake that people make when migrating from Squarespace to WordPress is not doing an SEO-safe migration. This can cause all kinds of problems, the most common being a massive drop in traffic from Google.
I take great care to ensure that your rankings don’t take a hit when migrating from Squarespace to WordPress. Many of my clients see an increase in traffic within the first 3 months of migrating.
I must mention that I can’t guarantee how the magical Google will respond, but I can tell you that I follow all the white-hat best practices while migrating your blog.

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