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Rank & Rent Website Experiment

by Jeremiah Svaren | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 •  3 min read


Gone are the days of talking to marketers and sitting in meetings. Now if you are a painter, you can just rent out a webpage at the top of Google. Perhaps this could be a digital version of buying a billboard ad.

So why would you want to rent a website instead of paying a company or freelancer to build it? Lets go through some of the pros and cons for renting a website.




How does the site get ranked in Google?

 Like all good projects, the first phase is research. Using a keyword research tool, we can find out what the competition looks like. I personally like to use Mangools KWFinder and KeySearch in conjunction. Both of these tools have a free trial that you can use to get your initial keyword research taken care of.

In the case of this rank and rent website, I’m targeting keywords such as “house painter in Medford Oregon” along with other variations. Here is a list of the keywords and their difficulties.

I should note that in KWFinder you can sort keywords by state, county, or city. In the case of the keywords below, they are all for Jackson County. This helps us get a better idea of potential searchers that are actually local.

Looking at most of the Google results, we can see a pattern. The first 3-4 results (after the map pack and ads) are usually for directories such as Angies List, Yelp, Home advisor, and even the Yellow Pages! This gives me confidence that if I can create a great user experience on then Google will reward me with a top spot.

March 2020 – Launch Painters Website

Here is a short video update just after launching the website.

Testing Rank & Rent Website Business Model

June 2020 – 100 Day Update

Rank and Rent Website Update after 100 days
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