We are Ashley + Jeremiah, the team behind Svaren Web Studio.

Jeremiah Svaren and Ashley Fitch celebrating in front of their new home, a renovated 5th wheel RV.
Jeremiah & Ashley celebrating their new tiny home

Yes, we live in that 5th wheel haha. We renovated the inside and made our own little tiny home. That was quite the project!

Our entrepreneurial journey has been a winding road of progress over perfection.

The struggles have been real, let me tell you! Some of the steps have been scary but well worth the challenge! One big challenge we have continued to overcome is the realization that we can’t do everything in our business by ourselves. Jeremiah found himself drowning, trying to be the man that does everything himself. He’s a tech geek that knows his way around code and SEO but occasionally needs some visual design help. That’s where Ashley’s design skills come into play and help keep this ship afloat! 

Jeremiah Svaren – The Developer & SEO
Ashley Fitch – The Designer

Now we combine our passion for business with our complementary skills: design & tech.

We look forward to helping you grow your business by taking the next step to build a badass website!